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6 Creative Ways to Reuse Eggshells

Let’s talk eggs. Specifically the egg shells. One thing I love is something that can be used and reused in all stages and and egg does just that. You can crack it, crush it and find a whole new world of possibilities with it. 🥚


So in the morning hang on to those shells rinse them, let them dry in a warm oven and then grab a wooden spoon and smash them into SMITHEREENS!! (You are welcome you also just released any pent up aggression) feel relaxed? 🤗


Now what? Well here’s a list of some great uses for those shells!

1. Grind up the egg shells To make a fertilizer high in calcium for your plants.

2. Add to soil when planting tomato plants to add calcium and prevent blossom end rot.

3. Add crushed shells to the soil line around plants to stop slugs in their tracks (they hate the pokey shells).

4. Make a egg shell fertizlizer tea for quicker adoration in the plants.

5. Grind up egg shells into tiny bits and mix with chicken feed. The boost of calcium makes for better eggs and stronger shells and happy hens.

6. When all else fails throw them in the compost or simply sprinkle them outside and let nature do it’s thing 😎

Eggs are defiantly my favorite. They give back in every way so don’t throw them away!

Let me know if you have any more uses to add to the list!


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